Top 11 Greatest and Most Famous Vikings

Most Famous Vikings

The age of the Vikings is typically thought to have been between 700 AD and 1100 AD. During this time, the Vikings became renowned for their violent raids and pillaging, and they developed an unmatched reputation for their brutal and combative rule. The Vikings were … Read more >>

Top 9 Female Rulers of the Ancient World

Female Rulers of the Ancient World

Can you imagine a world without rulers or heads of government to make necessary decisions on behalf of their nations? A country’s prosperity depends on the effectiveness of its ruler and those rulers who have gone before. By the turn of the 19th century, most … Read more >>

Top 9 Greatest Warrior Women of the Ancient World

Greatest Warrior Women of the Ancient World

They were moms, sisters, daughters, and spouses, but another thing they all had in common was that they were fierce warriors. Throughout history and all around the world, warrior women have taken up arms and fought alongside their male counterparts. Despite being vastly outnumbered by … Read more >>

Top 12 Amazing Facts about Genghis Khan

Facts about Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was one of the world’s greatest and most well-known rulers. He was born on the banks of the Onon River in 1162, and his death is thought to have occurred on August 18, 1227, although the details remain unconfirmed. He was the founder … Read more >>

Top 8 Contributions of Hammurabi

Contributions of Hammurabi

Hammurabi, also known as Khammurabi, was the greatest emperor of Babylon and one of the greatest rulers in the world. He was the sixth emperor of the Amorites, and he inherited the throne from his father, Sin-Muballit. He was born in the city of Babylon … Read more >>

Top 12 Contributions of Socrates

Contributions of Socrates

Socrates (c. 469–399 BC) is known as one of the founders of Western philosophy, yet very few records survive about his life and work. Of the few records we have, many refer to his rational thinking and the important discoveries he made such as epistemology. … Read more >>

Top 11 Contributions of Pythagoras

Contributions of Pythagoras

A scene from Raphael’s School of Athens shows Pythagoras as a bearded man, thinning on top, and writing with a quill. He is wearing a sleeved tunic spread out over his legs as he bows his head to write, balancing a book on his left … Read more >>

Top 12 Contributions of Plato

Contributions of Plato

The Athenian logician Plato (c. 428–347 BC) is a standout amongst ancient Greek philosophers, and his ideas have formed the basis of much Western ideology. He was a student of Socrates and he carried on many of Socrates’ teachings in his work. He established the … Read more >>

Top 12 Contributions of Hippocrates

Contributions of Hippocrates

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” – Hippocrates Very little was known about disease in ancient Greek times until Hippocrates began to make great strides in the field of medicine. Many modern cures can be traced back to Hippocrates, and for … Read more >>

Top 12 Contributions of Archimedes

Contributions of Archimedes

Eureka! As soon as you hear the name Archimedes, the first thing that comes to mind is either mathematics or science. A well-known researcher and scientist, Archimedes proposed various laws and theories in the fields of motion, geometry, liquid motion, and more. “Eureka!” was the … Read more >>

Top 10 Contributions of Sun Tzu

Contributions of Sun Tzu

When life gives you lemons, should you make lemonade? Interesting question. All through life, we face many situations which we wish we had a guide book for. And that’s where Sun Tzu comes into the picture. But who is he, you might ask? Sun Tzu … Read more >>

Top 10 Contributions of Confucius

Contributions of Confucius

Our civilizations have been built on the hard work of our ancestors, and the heritage we cherish is the result of years of learning and knowledge. Countless battles have been fought and numerous expeditions have taken place to explore the planet and create a better … Read more >>

Top 10 Notorious Rulers of the History

Notorious Rulers of the History

History has seen the rise and fall of some infamous and notorious rulers who brought about inexplicable horror in their thirst for power and recognition. They ruled with an unchallenged authority and silenced all possible threats in the most ruthless manner. Now, the idea of … Read more >>

Top 12 Greatest Ancient Military Commanders

Greatest Ancient Military Commanders

Ancient military commanders have led thousands of men into battle in order to triumph over the enemy. Their elaborate speeches prior to battle, many of which are still remembered today, have inspired thousands of men on the battlefield. Ancient warfare was completely different to modern … Read more >>

Top 12 Facts about Hannibal Barca

Facts about Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca was a renowned general and statesman. He was known for his skill as a commander and his contributions to the army. He was born in 247 BC to Hamilcar Barca who was also a chief in the Carthaginian army. Mago and Hasdrubal were … Read more >>