Antikythera Mechanism

Top 11 Fascinating Discoveries of the Ancient World

There is always a beginning and an end for everything, and the beginning – as we know it – is when people started keeping records of their existence such as cave engravings and paintings. In ancient times, mankind relied on hunting and nature for survival, and we can find evidence of this from fossils, cave paintings, and ancient texts. The … Read more >>

Mavia of Arabia

Top 9 Greatest Warrior Women of the Ancient World

They were moms, sisters, daughters, and spouses, but another thing they all had in common was that they were fierce warriors. Throughout history and all around the world, warrior women have taken up arms and fought alongside their male counterparts. Despite being vastly outnumbered by the men, these fearsome females have each made a permanent mark on history. 1. Grace … Read more >>

Genghis Khan

Top 12 Amazing Facts about Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan was one of the world’s greatest and most well-known rulers. He was born on the banks of the Onon River in 1162, and his death is thought to have occurred on August 18, 1227, although the details remain unconfirmed. He was the founder of the Mongol Empire which went on to become the largest ever contiguous empire. He … Read more >>

K inich Janaab Pakal I

Top 12 Most Important People of the Ancient Maya Civilization

The Maya civilization, based in Mexico and Central America, is one of the oldest-known civilizations. The Maya people inhabited the lands of Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, El Salvador, and Honduras and had an amazing culture with some fascinating beliefs such as no one is ever born and no one ever dies. They worshiped the gods and their ancestors. The civilization was … Read more >>

Chichen Itza Ancient Maya

Top 10 Most Iconic Pieces of Architecture of the Ancient Maya Civilization

Maya architecture is one of the most exceptional styles of architecture found in early civilizations. It has its roots in the Mesoamerican architectural style, with its most notable architectural structures being palaces and pyramids such as those found at El Tajin in the north and Copan in the south. Being a provincial civilization, the Maya’s architecture varied little from state … Read more >>

Maya astronomy and inventions

Top 22 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about the Ancient Maya Civilization

The Maya civilization was formed by Mesoamerican people called the Maya, and existed from 2000 BC to 1539. The Maya came from northern Mexico to settle in Central America and had a wide and varied culture. There are many artifacts and buildings which remain from this time, proving that the Maya were skilled builders and craftsmen. They developed their own … Read more >>

Babylonian chariot

Top 12 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Babylonia

Can you imagine a world without the wheel? No wheels would mean no cars, trains, or airplanes, and no machines or industry. In the absence of the wheel, the world would come to a standstill. We can thank the Babylonians for pioneering discoveries like the wheel, the chariot, and the sailboat, as well as the development of the first-known map, … Read more >>

Hammurabi king of Babylonia

Top 8 Contributions of Hammurabi

Hammurabi, also known as Khammurabi, was the greatest emperor of Babylon and one of the greatest rulers in the world. He was the sixth emperor of the Amorites, and he inherited the throne from his father, Sin-Muballit. He was born in the city of Babylon in 1810 BC, now present-day Iraq. His contributions to the development of Babylon were outstanding. … Read more >>

Gladiator Facts

Top 17 Fascinating Facts about Gladiators in the Roman Empire

Gladiators were Roman warriors who fought solely for the entertainment of the masses. Some would fight with weapons while others would simply wrestle it out. The fights were held in arenas called colosseums, with each arena able to host more than 50,000 spectators at a time. The events were enthusiastically attended and were held on a grand scale. They were … Read more >>

Rise of Mongols

Top 10 Most Important Events in Ancient China

China is a vast country with an intricate history involving many kingdoms, revolutions and myths. With its ever-increasing tourism and rise as a vibrant superpower, interest in China has increased manifold. Many people are intrigued by the country’s ancient history, for example, the first appearance of the Chinese dragon in 4000 BC. The oldest-known depiction of the dragon was a … Read more >>