Top 10 Ancient Chinese Clothing that were popular in Ancient China

Adornment and Jewelry ancient china

Ancient Chinese clothes were more than a garment to cover the body. It was the symbol of their dignity, embodiment of their culture and an essential part of their social status.  Rich and Poor dressed differently in Ancient China. Poor people used hemp clothes which were durable, loose fitting, and comfortable to work in the …

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Top 10 Traditional Ancient Chinese Foods

pictorial brick depicting wine making in Ancient China

The history of Chinese foods dates back to about 5000 BCE. Over the vast period of time, Chinese people have advanced and mastered their own kind of system of preparing foods. Their ways of identifying ingredients to make perfect combinations, their multi-phased cooking techniques, administering multi-phased flavoring and all have been developed gradually. Tracing back …

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Top 10 Astonishing Ancient Chinese Mythology

Archer Yi help god

China, the land of mystery and enchantment, is filled with many images: religious gods and goddesses, mythical rules, historical beings, dragons, unicorns, what and what not. China passed through conflicting period of time, different religions and many opposing philosophies that appear and interact in many of the Chinese myths. When we go through some of …

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Top 18 Ancient Chinese Inventions

Acupuncture ancient china invention

Ancient Chinese were innovative and determinant. They ameliorated daily necessity, by creating and innovating some of the prestigious things in the human history. Ancient Chinese inventions were dated back from the Paleolithic period. They were always ahead of the world for creating valuable things. Chinese have bestowed the four greatest inventions in the world – compass, gunpowder, …

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