Romulus and Remus story

Top 10 Interesting Roman Mythology Stories

Rome has been a subject of mystical stories relating to its origination and legendary Gods. These have been represented in the works of visual arts and literature. Ovid has been the master of giving the Latin myths and legends a physical form. Romans have always believed in supernatural elements which are reflected in their beliefs. Heroism is considered to be … Read more >>

Ceres, The Goddess of Agriculture, and Motherly Relationship

Top 10 Ancient Roman Goddesses

Not only does the history or speaks highly of Roman Gods, but also brings forward the canon of Roman Goddesses. The Roman Goddesses are no less powerful and popular than their male counterparts. They are indeed an epitome of female strength. The mythological stories of the deities play a significant role in laying out different religious rituals in Rome. Rome is … Read more >>

Apollo- The Roman God of Sun, Music and Prophecy

Top 10 Ancient Roman Gods

The Roman Pantheon of Gods is considered to be the strongest among all. Romans apparently have God for every imaginable thing. They have Mars-The God of War, Neptune-The God of Sea, Bacchus-The God of Wine, and much more. Like every culture, they also have a rich and vibrant mythological background. If some are the adaptations of Greek Gods, then some … Read more >>

colosseum was Built by 60,000 Jewish slaves

10 Interesting Facts You Might Not Have Known About the Colosseum

At times it’s most difficult to talk about the world’s most notable miracles, while the ones that flutter under the radar provoke a kind of never-ending discussion. Roman Colosseum is one among the same. We realize what the Roman Colosseum resembles and what once occurred inside. We also know it’s so ancient and enormous and totally amazing. Yet, most of … Read more >>

Legio III Gallica

Top 10 Ancient Roman Legions

A couple of millennia ago, ancient Rome ruled over much of Europe, Africa, and western Asia. The formidable might and efficiency of the ancient Roman military played a pivotal role in the rapid expansion of ancient Roman civilization. Roman legions formed the largest units in the Roman army. In the early days of the republic, each legion consisted of around … Read more >>

Mail Armor (Lorica Hamata)

Top 10 Ancient Roman Armor and Costume

The ancient Roman legions played a key role in rapid expansion and scaling of contemporary Roman civilization. An average Roman soldier was trained to fight in a formation of about 5000 fellow warriors – every such group forming up a Roman legion. Such disciplined fighting tactic played a crucial role in crushing their opponents in battles. It also helped that … Read more >>

Roman Colosseum

Top 10 Magnificent Ancient Roman Architectures

Roman architecture took off right where the esteemed builders from ancient Greece left after the decline of Greek civilization. But unlike their predecessors, the Roman architecture gave far more priority to the practicality of their architectural designs. It was a major diversion from the contemporary practice which gave primary focus to a structure’s exterior design and aesthetic appeal. The Greeks, … Read more >>

Spiculus roman gladiator

Top 10 Famous Ancient Roman Gladiators

Ancient Romans were not as much into philosophy and teaching as the preceding Greeks, but they absolutely loved finding new ways of entertainment in their otherwise mundane lives. Today, even the thought of gladiators beating each other to death in an impressively huge arena full of enthusiastic audience would create unprecedented outrage among people. In fact, it would truly reflect … Read more >>

roman architecture colosium

Top 10 Amazing Facts About Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome lies in the cradle of one of the biggest civilization in the human history. It started off as a small town on the bank of the Tiber River in central Italy, at the beginning of the eighth century BC. Soon, after countless wars and military campaigns, it encompassed the entire continental Europe around the Mediterranean basin, all of … Read more >>