Mycenaean period 1500-1300 BCE

Top 10 Important Events of Ancient Greece History

The Ancient Greek events have played a significant role in framing the groundwork of Classical and Modern Greece. The Archaic period in Greece saw different political and geographical developments. The greatest war of all the times; the Trojan War, the composition of earliest surviving Greek literature; The Iliad and The Odyssey, the invention of Olympic games, and many such events circumscribe the boundaries … Read more >>

boxing ancient greece games

Top 9 Popular Games of Ancient Greece

Games in ancient Greece were treated as nothing less than a religious festival. The Greek Olympics are believed to have begun in 776 BC which inspired the beginning of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. These games were a way of paying tribute to the king of gods, Zeus, and were staged every four years in a valley near the … Read more >>

The Great Theatre of Epidaurus, Epidaurus

Top 10 Magnificent Ancient Greek Architecture

The Greeks have ruled the architectural world by giving it some great marvels. The Hellenic people indeed have brought the heaven down in their architectural pieces. Most of their works included the greatest of the temples built in the name of Greek Gods. A combination of creativity and richness of mind, Greeks dedicated their architectural impulse in the making of … Read more >>

Aristotle self-contradicting

Top 10 Contributions of Aristotle

Born in 384 BC in Stagira, a small town on the northern coast of Greece, Aristotle’s is arguably one of the most well-known figures in the history of ancient Greece. He was a popular pupil of famous ancient Greek philosopher Plato. But unlike Plato and Socrates, Aristotle displayed an instinct to conclude about his study of nature using scientific and … Read more >>

Alexander the Conqueror

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Alexander The Great

Born on July 20, 356 B.C., in Pella, Macedonia, Alexander was son of King Philip II of Macedon and Queen Olympia. A clever tactician and successful general, he went undefeated in battles for an unprecedented period of over 15 years – a period of time in which he led his army in numerous victories. He died fairly young for someone … Read more >>

Ancient Greek Goddesses

Top 10 Ancient Greek Goddesses

Most of us are well aware of those astounding heroics of ancient Greek gods. But the goddesses from ancient Greek mythology are none lesser at all both in terms of popularity and symbolic significance. Just like the Olympian gods, most of the ancient Greek goddesses resided in the realms of heavens above mount Olympus (though there were quite a few … Read more >>

Zeus Ancient Greek Gods

Top 10 Ancient Greek Gods

The stories of gods and goddess from the ancient Greek mythology are immensely popular in pop culture. Their characters were popularized and subsequently immortalized by some famous play writers in ancient Greece that included the likes of Homer and Hesiod. What makes the folklore behind these ancient Greek deities stand apart is the way their stories deviated from that of … Read more >>

Greek Philosopher parmenides

Top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers

In the ancient pre-historic times, people had a rather strong belief in magic and mythology whenever it came to interpreting the world around us. The world as they perceived was largely influenced by the presence of a higher deity. The ancient Greek philosophers bought a refreshing approach to the contemporary philosophical paradigm. They broke away from the tradition of the … Read more >>

Parrhasius ancient Greek painter

Top 8 Ancient Greek Painters

Ancient Greece was one of the richest empire in Art in the ancient world. Their style and architect, was derived by other giant empire like Roman of that era. Sculpture and Architecture were widely popular back then. In Addition, Painting was widely practiced in Ancient Rome. The Greek painter inspired thousands of artists throughout the generation. Here is the list … Read more >>

Cartography ancient greece

Top 10 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Greece That Are Remarkably Used Today

The ancient Greece has a number of inventions and discoveries attributed to them. Even though, the fact remains, most of their discoveries were corrected in subsequent generations. Their findings in the area of astronomy, geography and mathematics, pioneered the age of science. The Greek interest in scientific specification of physical world can be seen as further back in the history … Read more >>