Top 10 most worshipped Ancient Egyptian Gods

Civilization in Egypt holds many facts which are hidden within themselves and are never revealed. The great land along the banks of Nile has been extraordinarily mentioned in the modern as well as the ancient history. Around 3100BC, after the political unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, Pharaoh was the supreme for the rituals which were carried out. Egyptian deities were worshipped by the people and were considered as the form of nature that they should not make angry. So what were these natural forms which the population of ancient Egypt used to worship and offer their prayers. Lets’ view at the surface to the top 10 worshipped ancient gods of Egyptian Civilization.

1. AMUN-Ra “The Hidden One”

amun-ra ancient egypt god

As Zeus in Greek, Amun-Ra or Amon in Egypt is considered as Kings of Gods and Goddesses. Believed as the Father of the Pharaohs, Amun’s female version is Amunet and is considered as the “The Female Hidden One”. Forming the “Theban Triad”, Amun and Mut along with their offspring Khonsu “Moon God” were worshipped throughout the ancient Egypt. Amun was not only worshipped in Egypt, but also outside Egypt as Amun-Ra after the amalgamation with the Sun God Ra of Ancient Egypt.

2. MUT “The Mother Goddess”

MUT “The Mother Goddess” ancient egypt god

Mut meaning Mother in Egyptian language, is a primal deity in Egyptian who wears two crowns on her head each representing Upper and Lower Egypt. Also titled as “She who gives birth, but was herself not born of any”, Mut is represented as Vulture in hieroglyphs. With different integration with various other deities Mut is portrayed as a Cat, Cobra, Cow and even Lioness. Mother of Khonsu, Mut with her different associations with many arbitraries was supported by many rulers of Egypt who followed the civilization.

3. OSIRIS “The King of Living”

Osiris egyptian god

Considered as an oldest child of Earth God ZEB and Sky Goddess NUT, Osiris is worshipped as God of the afterlife as Egyptian believe there is life after death. Painted with green skin in the portrayals, Osiris was a god of vegetation which indicated Renewal and Growth and took in charge for the fertile flooding and the vegetation around the Nile banks. Osiris married his own sister Isis and was murdered by his own brother Seth. Despite being murdered by his own brother, Osiris was brought back to life by the magic of Isis for conceiving a child. Horus is the offspring of the Osiris and Isis, who avenged his father’s death and arose as new king of Egypt while Osiris became the God of the Underworld and assisted for the afterlife of the Pharaohs and even the population.

4. ANUBIS “The Divine Embalmer”

ANUBIS egyptian god

Before Osiris took over, Anubis patrolled the Afterlife. Being a psychopomps Anubis was the offspring of Ra and Nephthys was known for mummifying the dead ones and guiding the dead soul towards the afterlife. Having his skin tone black, he is symbolized as the dark Nile deposits which eased off farming and making it a successful one. With the head of a jackal and a body of the man Anubis was also symbolized Renaissance and the staining of the dead bodies after the embalming (Preserving the dead human remains).

5. RA “The God of Sun & Radiance”

Ra The God of Sun & Radiance

A midday sun as identified Ra or Re holds important position in the Egyptian history. The God of Sun who has a sun disk around his head is believed to have created this world. Every sunrise and sunset was symbolized as renewal process. Portrayed as a falcon headed man, he and Horus shared an association which led him known as the Horus of the Horizon. Many ancient Egyptian gods were merged with Ra and many were created by him as well with some rival gods like Ptah, Isis and Apep.

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6. HORUS “God of Vengeance”

HORUS “God of Vengeance”

Horus has a special position in the Ancient Egypt. Considered as the offspring of the Osiris and Isis, he avenged his father’s death and ruled Egypt. As per other myth he is considered as the brood of the Zeb and Nut, however this falcon headed man with the crown of red and white was worshipped as the God of Sky, War, Protection, Light. The eye of Horus or the Wedjat Eye was personified as the goddess Wadjet and was popularly known as “The Eye of the Ra”. It symbolized that everything is being watched upon from above.

7. THOTH “God of Knowledge and Wisdom”

THOTH God of Knowledge and Wisdom egypt

An arbitrator who settled the disputes between good and evil, Thoth is considered as the god self created. Master of both physical and divine laws, he along with his counterpart Ma’at maintained the universe by the mastery in calculations. Egyptians acknowledge him as an author of science, philosophy and magic. An ibis or baboon headed man was considered to be the most learned god in the ancient history. Earlier considered as moon god for keeping the time count even when the sun is not there, Thoth is recognized as the one who created a 365 day calendar.

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8. HATHOR “Goddess of Motherhood”


Rendered as “Mistress of the West”, Hathor was worshipped as she welcomed the dead into the next life. An offspring of Ra, she exemplified motherhood and feminine love. Egyptians offered prayer to her as Goddess of Music, Dance. She is believed to provide a blessing as a helper of women during pregnancy and childbirth. Affectionate, Humble and Kind to all dead and living she was also known as Lady of Heaven, Earth and Underworld.

9. SEKHMET “Goddess of War and Healing”

SEKHMET “Goddess of War and Healing”

Leading and Protecting the Pharaohs in the war who is the daughter of Ra, Sekhmet is depicted as a lioness in ancient Egypt known for her fierce characters. Also known as “The Powerful One” she demolished the enemies of her allies. Her appearance had a solar disk with Uraeus which was coupled with royalty and divine. Sekhmet assisted goddess Ma’at in the Judgement Hall of Orisis which also made her known as an arbitrator.

10. GEB “God of Earth”

geb the god of earth

Also described as the Father of Snakes Geb was a provider of a crop and healing. With goose on his head this bearded man was believed to have caused earthquakes whenever he laughed. Known as the offspring Shu (the god of air) and Tefnut (the goddess of moisture), Geb has an important role in the Book of the Dead as who weighs the heart of the dead in the Judgment Hall of Orisis. Egyptians believe that he will keep hold of the soul of the wicked.
Final Conclusion: In ancient Egypt, god and goddess were the mere depiction of all the fundamental necessities required for sustaining life. The cults were developed and many associations can be seen because of the interconnection between the essentials for the living. Pretty much hopeful, everything that made life possible was considered as god and goddess in Ancient Egypt.

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    • I like the top ten & all but what about the princess “Scota” who is in my families histories & our Family Journals are complete with 28 American Vol. & about same of Scottish Vol. but I had a feeling all my life about how the Mystical & Magical fitted in my life but always not knowing exactly why I urged to stick to older ancient things & not really liking the modern life & never feft right in this time but now I get it after 2014 I was informed of a birth right I always had opened up that world I just mentioned & found how Clan related I am to Scotland but way before Scotland into Ireland then before to Oakney Islands plus we were “Ancient Kings” of many Kingdoms & princes ect… but wow how our last name traveled from first name to last name & into many other names but stems from the most oldest ancient name of names of “Cineal Eoghain” Ancient Clann A’rsa U’i N’eill but the Eygyptian God we as I get it is the Red Headed God Ramasis & there is a legend & is considered as a real legend of a different version of Jesus & a different version of Mary & not the whore claimed but both were red headed & were tellers of Truth but Jesus was her mouth piece since women were not heard like men were so there is a lot of this & that of the secret blood line of him & how they were a couple & did have two kids & not going there but my DNA & Bloodworks directly descend me to the ancestors & is through the male line of my dad,s dad Prince Charlie from Scotland & is a rare linage to carry but then add my German mothers line & it,s even extremely rare of both lines & lines of certain ones but both I have & both I know & feel as a True Gift of Spiritual Extreme Gifts inside & there is a super heavy spiritual history to to us & we have monks & nuns at nunerys & a monistary along with craploads of castles & religious structures so I can atest to the Eygyptian heritage completely like I know it but no research at all & know a lot of Bible but not read it???Anyways it is overwhelming knowing I am battling the Spiritual Battle for some yrs now & is behind the scenes & is about done if you see all the exposures & indictments now but here is my prediction but again I know but expect well over 85,000 to be arrested & expect Trillions stolen to be returned from where located & pushing Merkle to do this! Yeah 100 Trillion both Bushes took to fund their NWO! Soro,s we defeated & almost depleted funds! Threatened Rothschilds back away or? Well or cost two Rothschilds & now a 3rd down in crash & who is mystery victim dead No.4??? Must be big & top dog? There hints to ya I know & watch & see this one? Dec 15th??? & right before X-Mas day???? & Disclosure will be exposed & by Jan 1st major Victory of us who defeated the worlds NWO & Cabal & all the rest no one in history ever tried! We had a well geared plan & program begining in 2010 then 2012 & on to Primarys & one more hint of world leaders as one all along & is “APEC MEETING?” Look who is wearing same blue??? Then the colluders waving at the accusers the fools! We played them well & they played on back & lost! So sorry for the rant & save the replies & comments if negative as proving to any is not worth it & not worth you trying to comprahend anything other then the now as the other is not your minds capability to compute as a reality & guess what? Your bodies are full of the others but you not know it at all & can activate anytime you feel & is a process the mind can do but can you focus, be serious & be realistical of self??? Why I fit as said modern is not me! Thanks, Steven

      • Steven, you are amazing…I understood your message. I too am a victim of stolen inheritance. I am also connected to older Egypt God & Goddess.

      • To much info for so little time I have read a lot of these posts people are so into what they have been shown and believe in it the truth is the real answer lies with the elders the priests of temples which are gone this is all he say she say nonsense as an American we always want to be right even when we are wrong this is written in English but this is not an English culture it’s a complete different time and people back when we were all connected to energy’s that cannot be explain by modern science don’t get me wrong I love science but we don’t have all the answers for all the questions this is me Da’Wud a descent from real truth take care all and find truth it will set you free in a serious notion!

  2. I thought Amun Ra and Ra were the same people? What about Ra’s three forms the Kheprea the beetle in the morning, Ra in the afternoon, and Atum the moose god in the evening?

  3. I think that all these facts sre true indeed and it was a great help indeed. You see it has helped in my Ancient Egypt project inmy school .As I am a 9 year old the teachers have given us a 20 page task to be completed in 8 week and it’s not as easy as you think . So this website has been of great help and I am so very pleased. Just a thought but you could have added the sky goddess Nut and take away Hathor the goddess of mother hood . But other than that great website ! I recommend this a lot !

    • I learned that by comparing this list, all gods and goddesses of Egypt were conquered by the 10 plagues from the God of Moses and Aaron and the Israelites. Amen to the end of rule of Amun-Ra, ancient and always.

      • Yes, the MostHigh won. I am actually reading a book on wattpad right now about the battles and defeat of the Egyptian gods b

    • The multiplicity counterpart roles and relationships the deities of ancient Egypt transverse is very intricate. The Egyptians perceived life and the divine intricacies behind it in a outstandingl intricate and multi layered existence. The God’s all had various yet simultaneous relationships to each other and purposes served by them. Being so ancient a belief system evolving over many many centuries that is today lost in concept and practice we can only connect educated dots so to speak where much is concerned.

  4. Great site. Too bad some of the most “basic ” individuals are permitted statements;
    I greatly enjoyed the 9 y.o. who told us he’s about to be required to submit a 20 pg. Paper with a due date of only 8 weeks.
    I have great hopes for this young man. I understand Harvard Law is where the finest are made.
    And good luck with your LSAT.

  5. Where is Seth and Isis
    Seth – controls storms, god of the desert etc
    And Isis, well she carries Ra’s secret name, a source of power the other gods can only drool over.

  6. what the heck is this i am scrolling down and seeing swearing everywhere guys you shouldn’t be swearing at any age what so ever. My parents were looking at this u guys should be disappointed in yourself.

  7. You know guys every thing you read about E
    Eygpt gods are fake they were gods but the were tricking all of Eygpt even god Osiris told them if you squash your self with a huge rock to death i could live again thats why when they buried there kings and gods in the pyramid they but food gold and every thing they need to survive and i wonder how i know these things is because i am an Eygption

  8. My comment on the multiplicity of ancient Egyptian deities is awaiting moderation. Understanding that replies entered are so screened I am baffled that idiotic crudeness such as you have displayed is deemed fit for approval. Please Grow up, acquire some civility and conduct yourself accordingly. Manners maketh Man.

    • no pharaoh is basically the living Horus, Horus fought seth i believe for egypt, he won and owns egypt. plz correct me if i’m wrong

  9. I’m a fan of Wadjet, that’s a goddess associated with the Cobra, protector of Egypt and even protector of Ra at times, linked to the Eye of Ra, as she nested on his crown, and in that role went from spiting venom into the eyes of her enemies to spiting fire instead. She had become so revered at times she was considered one and the same as MUT, second on the list. I am not exactly sure if it was referring to her or Apep but I seen a quote say “To be respected but never trusted” given Wadjet is considered extremely good I guess I mistook it for a comment about Apep, who is a major snake or serpent antagonist of Ra.

    Either way, I think she is cool.

  10. You guys, All these comments are the best. I literally saved this tab as “Egyptian Roasts” while stumbling across it while doing my assessment. Its a treat to show anyone who askes “Egyptian roasts?” hehehe… :3

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