7 Homo species close to present human that existed on the Earth.

The Earth has a 4.6 billion year history. However, Archaic Homo Sapiens (Modern Humans) evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago. Humans evolved from the family Hominid (great apes), that existed on earth around 20 million years ago. Unlike today, there were different human species that existed on earth. However, the characteristics of these human species are different. Not all species of humans survived the journey. Many of them became extinct. The only species left in the human race is our ancestor Homo Sapiens.

The possibility of humans being linked to the apes came after the publication of Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” in 1859. He first pointed out that, every species has emerged from an earlier one. Later, two scientist Thoman Huley and Richard Owen supported him. Huxley published a book in 1863 entitled “The Evidence as to Man’s Place in Nature.” Even though there were several views and theories by various scientists, the major problem was the proof – the lack of fossil intermediaries. Eugene Dubois discovered the first fossil intermediary in 1891 at Trinil proving that there were species between humans and apes. He proclaimed his finding as Pithecanthropus Erectus or Java man. Today, humans are classified as Homo Erectus (humans that stand upright).  Additional fossils were discovered in Africa in 1920. The study of the evolution of Humans began thereafter. Here is the list of 7 Homo species that existed on Earth throughout history.

7. Homo Heidelbergensis

Homo Heidelbergensis

Homo Heidelbergensis lived on earth between 700,000 to 200,000 years ago. They emerged from Africa. The Heidelbergensis male was about 175cm tall and weighed around 136 lbs, whereas the female average height was 157 cm tall and weighed 112 lbs. They had a large brain case with a flatter face than that today’s humans. They were the first human species that were adaptable to colder climates. They were also widely known for their ability to hunt large animals, which was not seen in the human species before them. They were the first human species to build their own living shelter.

Their first fossil was discovered on October 21, 1907, by a worker. The workman handed it over to professor Otto Schoetensack from the University of Heidelberg, who later identified and named the fossil.

6. Homo Rudolfensis

Homo Rudolfensis

Homo Rudolfensis is another debatable extinct species that falls under Hominid category. They are believed to have lived around 1.9 million to 1.8 million years ago. Their physical structure like weight and height is still unknown due to the lack of cranial fossils.

Meave Leakey’s team announced the discovery of a face and two jawbones belonging to Homo Rudolfensis on 8 August 2012. The fossil known as KNM-ER 1470 was the center of the debate. It was first stated to be around 3 million years old. However, later it was corrected to be 1.9 million years. The difference in the skull from other Homo Habilis species created a new species named Homo Rudolfensis.

There are the certain features of the ER 1470 showing that it is not different from the other Homo species such as the lack of heavy muscle and crests of australopithecine crania, occipital smoothly rounded bone like Homo erectus and more. However, other key features suggest that they are different from other Homo species with much longer faces, the upper part being narrower than the middle, and much more Megadont Postcanines etc.

5. Homo Abilis

Homo Abilis

Homo Habilis was another species of the Hominid tribe who lived on earth from 2.4 to 1.4 million years ago. Homo Habilis possessed some of the ape-like features such as long arms and a moderately prognathic face. They have a larger brain case in the range of 550 cm to 687 cm. However, they have a smaller face and smaller teeth. There was the controversial debate in regard to classifying it as a Homo since it had very few characteristics of other homo species. Scientists discovered that they had the capacity to use stone tools for various purposes.
There are three key fossils available of Homo Habilis: KNM-ER 1813, OH 24, OH 8. The first fossil was found by the team of scientists Louis and Mary Leakey at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania in the 1960’s.

4. Homo Floresiensis

Homo floresiensis

Homo Floresiensis was believed to have lived from 95,000 to 17,000 years ago in Indonesia. They were quite small is size around 3.5 feet tall with a tiny brain. There is evidence, that Homo Floresiensis made small stone tools and used to hunt small elephants and large rodents.

The key fossils of Homo Floresiensis were found in 2003 in Indonesia and were named LB-1. The female head was 1/3 size of the current human brain. Perhaps their small body enabled them to survive on the small island with limited resources.

3. Homo erectus

Homo Erectus

Homo erectus is an extinct species of early human that lived throughout the Pleistocene from about 1.9 million years to most recently, 143,000 years ago. The study of the fossil, discovered by scientists proved that Homo erectus originated in Africa and spread through India, China, Georgia, and Java.

The first Erectus fossil was discovered in Java, Dutch East Indies (present Indonesia) in the early 1890’s by Eugène Dubois, Homo erectus was generally in the range of 4 ft 9 inches to 6ft 1 inch with a weight around 88 to 150 lbs. Their height and weight were different from the fossils found in different parts of the world. The fossils from Africa had a larger body size than those of Indonesia, China, and Georgia. Their elongated legs and short arms helped them climb trees easily and to run faster than present human beings.

2. Homo Neanderthals

Homo Neanderthals

Neanderthal is an extinct species of human with the closest similarity to modern humans. Their DNA is just 0.12% different than modern humans. The Neanderthal was believed to have existed from about 600,000 to 30,000 years ago. Neanderthal lived throughout Europe and southwest to Central Asia. Neanderthals had most of the features of modern humans. They used different tools for hunting. They wore symbolic ornamental objects. There is an evidence that they used to bury their dead with offerings such as flowers. There were also earlier human species that engaged in such symbolic behavior.

The Scientific study indicates that the Neanderthal brain and modern human brain were similar at birth. However, in adulthood, their brains became larger. They were stronger than modern humans with a huge body size, male (164-168 cm) and female (156-158 cm).

1. Homo sapiens


Homo sapiens are the ancestors of modern humans. Most of the other hominid species that existed on the earth became extinct during the many climactic changes.

Homo sapiens lived together, hunted food and evolved to such an extent, that they could cope with the climactic changes that occurred. Besides hunting, they discovered the breeding of certain plants and animals, which changed history forever. Soon they learned to produce more food.  They ate a variety of animals and food plants. Their control over fire and their ability to live in larger groups also created the concept of better shelters.

The scientist has found various fossils, that support strong evidence that Homo sapiens existed. The oldest known fossils were discovered in Herto, Ethiopia. The researcher from the University of California found the skulls of two adults and a child, which lived around 160,000 to 40,000 years before modern times.

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    • Homo Naledi is an incredible find with regard to our understanding of technology usage by early human species. This find does suggest a much early use of controlled fire than previously evidenced.

      There is currently still debate as to whether it is actually a new species, or simply a phenotypic variation.

      This is due to our anthropologists typically falling into one of two groups, “lumpers” and “splitters”. Lumpers tend to assume greater variation within a species, while splitters are more prone to think that a sample with trait differences is a new species.

      The primary anthropologist for the Naledi find tends toward the “splitter” end of the spectrum.

      We shall see, though, in time. :)

      • Would not interbreeding between species account for more variation, and therefore more species evolution,) than simple evolutionary process would allow or account for?

    • Neanderthal entry, lists female size range 152-256cm – presumably a typo, as the massive range is inconsistent with male entry (not to mention pretty astonishing! 2.5m tall females?!)

  1. Also if you check the first link in the Homo sapiens section it says oldest fossil of modern humans, meaning we are Homo sapiens.

  2. it doesn’t make any sense homo or what is stupid scientist don’t believe In God existence , so because the creation of God is a mystery to them. they are thinking with their canal thought.. if you believe you come from ape is up to you

    • I find it ironic how due to your ‘book’ the bible gets proven to be a load of crap every year and how yet it is the author of the article who is the blind one, enjoy your Ponzi scheme called religion.

      • Science and the Bible are not wholly in contradiction of each other.

        The contradiction is when someone takes a parable and tries to claim it is literal.

        • Don’t start that weak connection. The Bible is a story told by old men and has been edited many times with many chapters taken out and in over hundreds of years. Long after Jesus lived. The Bible is a story. It is not a History book or a Science book. Stop trying to justifying Evolution with the stories of Jesus which are mostly inaccurate anyway.

    • Why does it not make sense ?
      The creation of god is not a mystery , man invented him/her/it. Different people invented different gods. but every religion thinks they are right and the others are wrong . Use some common sense, Even if god did exist statistically chances are you have picked the wrong fan club/religion.

      Some simple basic questions . Why did god make the other planets ? failed attempts at an earth ? Why not mentioned in any religious text ? If god made us and the sun why did he make the sun give us skin cancer and other health problems ? A mistake or on purpose ? Why did he invent tobacco ? he knew what we would do with it / Why make poisonous foods ? why make animals with better eyesight / hearing/ speed/ strength/recovery abilities etc than us ? we are meant to be the chosen ? etc etc etc so many simple questions the religious ignore/ choose not to see.

      No one says we come from apes , we come from same start . But hey Id have no problem coming from an ape !!

      Why is a God needed ? i’m happy without one .

      • God was needed to help us make sense of the unfathamable.It is said only though faith can You know God.I think math proves the existance of God.As for the other questions: How about life is like a bowl of cherry’s.It amazing that people have been talking to God for years and still doubt his existance.If someone told You they had a invisable friend would you believe them.Why not. They might.Can you prove they don’t?What makes You so sure?I have seen ghosts.But what did I actually see is it a reflection A holographic recording afigimant of my imagination.Something else.Five people were there four saw the ghost One did not.Same room same time Why?is there a God? Yes How do I know?I have talked with Him Was he something other than God?He seemed nice.So unless I have reason not to believe well I will just take it at face value and not sweat the small stuff.

      • God… The big why, how, what, when, who. Why is there religion, to explain the unknown perhaps. How did we become who we are as humans, as far as I can tell humans are the odd species living on “earth”. What is the reason for humanity on “earth”. When is this “God” ever going to reveal itself to the modern world. Who is the “missing link”, because it’s not a what. These questions are the Basse of all mythology, from the first cave art to ston engravings and the writing’s of the modern religious movements. Now I’m not saying there isn’t a “God”, I’m saying that what God is to us we are to the app. That’s just a stab in the dark explainable understanding as not to be offensive.
        Let’s begin at the beginning of the book, the first book. When the creator said ” let there be light”. Now if you believe that is when the burning ball of radiation we call the sun was formed then I’d say incorrect. And I’ll explain in the most basic way I can, what is light? Is space dark or is it just me that looks up at a black sky at night. Light is and will always be energy, the energy that is produced by our sun filtered by the atmosphere is “the light”. So in this example, no, the sun wasn’t made when light was said to be, it was our atmosphere. Now that we’re all on the same page, some punn intended. This energy we call light is necessary for life to be. From the first ADOM on the EAVE of time was essentially the first life on Earth. Now we get to billions of years ago and explained how this happened, well in the beginning of this planets evolution, this could have been a intended design or fate that a burning ball of metal colliding with a Frozen ball of gaseous mass and a chemical reaction accorded to create the atmosphere. Fact/hypothesis. So this level of evolutionary thinking hasn’t been around for long. How to explain it to the lament human of the past, God. Like a trump card, it was God. But to the modern thinker it was science that said what could have happened with backing as to the events of creating the atmosphere aka the light.
        Let’s jump ahead to the ice age, life was thriving the one moment of unexpected disaster hit, probably the tail end of that Frozen ball if gas decided to join the party on earth. I’m sure humans weren’t around, because if we were than it took a long time to make the wheel and a pointed stick for that matter. Just let our thinkers go crazy and this actually happened, when the tail end joined us the building blocks ( primordial ozz) for mammals has arrived. By random or planned creation of this world’s evolution has changed. Just a guess, but it’s believable.. now. So here this planet is a incubator for evolutionary development. Skipping ahead to 1.9 ish MILLION YEAS AGO modern human scientist dug and found human like animals, and more to follow. I think there’s 8, one may be a minute evolutionary change and not it’s own species. None of these are us, not sure as how long modern man has truly been here but the first historical evidence is about 250,000 years ago but they weren’t alone or really us but close 0.12% different in dna. Then like the rain these pre human beings all vanished and a new Mammal that stud on two legs with no connection to the 8 appears. Uuuummmm what, no trace of us before 50 thousand years ago, crazy to believe.
        So who is the missing link, who gives a futt. O yeah the smart ones that told the story of God’s and goddess. Then we said nope that’s not true, but I like the story so I’ll tell it over here a different way and say that what you have been told is wrong. Y’all following me so far. Good. So have we decided bunked God, nope. Who created the HSS modern man that just appeared, duah the creator. But is it god, well to the first gene spliced homo sapiens they were. And mythology is factual in a sense as over time the verbal teaching got twisted just a smidge.
        Let’s now get to the really interesting stuff. What is matter? DNA ,microorganisms, dirt, salt, water everything is made of molecules.true? Yes. What are molecules made of, protons and electrons and neutrons. And we discovered those are made of even smaller element tool things called quark’s. And those are held together by….. Energy… The light that binds the spark of life. This energy that we all are made of is unique to everyone, like fingerprints. And when the body says that it’s done this energy is released, sometimes it fades to nothing and on rare events the energy that leaves the dead vessel stays together and drifts into the sky. Is that life after this, and is that the missing piece of modern human existing on this planet. Because the creator herself design it to be. We will all find out the reality of life after one day. So is there a god, I’m absolutely sure of her being there, is the religious beliefs fact …
        F no, but they keep people from become horrible by fear of hell… And is there something else we may finally understand. All life is energy and the light is where this began. So think on that

      • You cant talk about the bible to someone who has never read it. It would be like trying to talk about mathematical principals with someone who doesn’t know how to count.

    • Ignorance is bliss my friend and you are a shining example of such. Faith answers the question “Why?” things are which can conveniently answered with anything you choose to fabricate as faux fact or superstition. Science on the other hand answers the question “how?” which requires research, experiment and reproducible outcomes transforming hypotheses (educated guesses) with theory (proven fact). Evolution is not a hypothesis. It is a fact. You are sadly ignorant to think otherwise. I do not blame you. One of a few things are true for you. Firstly, you may lack the capacity of understanding science. Secondly, you may refute science due to religious indoctrination and/or fear of death. Thirdly, you may just have a lazy mind that would rather just absorb information by being told “things” as being true instead of having a mind trained to understand how processes work and investigating and corroborating these findings with other reliable sources which automatically exclude superstitious sources based on religion which is based on books written largely, by illiterate people who lived thousands of years ago, and still believed the earth was flat among other ludicrous notions. If it comforts you though and doesn’t hurt anyone else then I will not criticize your lifestyle choices.

      • When I said written by a largely illiterate people I was not referring to the authors so much as the consumers of said written material because they relied on more literate people to proliferate information by word of mouth which is like the modern version of the game “telephone”. Add a few thousand years to that game and see how much the story has changed.

      • The reason people who have a religion do not believe information provided by science is that it contradicts everything they have been taught. In the Bible,God made Adam and eve,just them both but how was it possible for the billions of people we now have? Incest then? But no,incest is a sin!!!
        The information above shows that God didn’t just create Adam and eve. It shows there probably wasn’t a God and there wasn’t just Adam and Eve like they’ve been told to believe which leaves them sweating.
        My thought though; how the hell did religion enter this whole thread of conversation?????
        I am truly tired of humans and the need to believe that which is ridiculous and condemn science which proves a lot of things by the way. Just why?????!

        • Again someone trying to make sense of the bible without actually reading it. What compels you to argue about something you are so sure does not exist? Maybe it is the fear that it really does exist and you are totally missing out. Why not just read the bible? Are you scared it will change your life? Even though you claim it is a fake.

          • Odd that you persist in claiming that. For some time it has been my understanding that in many cases, certainly in my own, the doubts begin to creep in once people actually begin to read the thing.
            Certainly it has been my experience that I have met very few Christians as familiar with what’s actually in the bible as me (and none that have read it cover to cover as have I and several atheists I’ve met.)
            If you’re honestly interested in informing yourself try googling the following:
            1) “U.S. Religious Knowledge Survey”-(Pew Center)
            2) “In US, atheists know religion better than believers” (The Christian Science Monitor)
            3) “Atheists Are Sometimes More Religious Than Christians”
            (Atlantic Monthly)
            To anyone “without a dog in the fight” reading the above would provide convincing evidence that the quickest path to doubting the Bible’s content is to read the thing.

          • What makes you thing people that don’t believe in god, haven’t read the bible? I have read the bible, cover to cover at least 5 times, which is a large part of the reason I do not believe in it. I have read all the other religious books I could find as well, and also don’t believe in them. Why don’t you just read the Vedas? Why don’t you believe in Thor?

      • So to believe in God means to believe in whoever you heard about Him from. Isnt it the same with science? Someone set the parameters named the names and told someone else what something is. Its all personal belief. Humans all have the same number of dna strands or whatever they are pushing. How do you know? Have you counted every single humans dna? Its all personal belief. Science is a religion. Believe what you want.

        • Yes my friend. Science, just like religion, is something we hear from someone else. Except that we see tangible positive results from science: from curing disease to landing on the moon. However, what we hear from religious people not only make zero logical sense but has not resulted in a single positive thing. It has only caused killings and division among people throughout the history.

      • You don’t have to be this aggressive in your response. I learnt from my late devout wife that faith will come to your rescue at your dying bed. While my scientist uncle died in denial and anger.
        A concept of combining God and science will definitely ease off our confusion
        I struggle with the idea of God but I surrender to the concept when I look up and can’t visualize infinity

    • just one question…. if god is jesus father, then where is gods father???? or jesus grandfather????? or did god just appear out of no where. scientists have facts… religion is based on faith..

    • dude why are you even here if you believe in god its fine whats the point of reading this article then you have your beliefs and its fine please dont push them onto others

    • The very existence of God is paradoxical. May I quote the greek philosopher Epicurus’, “Epicurean paradox”.
      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

  3. Please respect everyone’s belief. Either you’re a jew, Christian, Muslim, Atheist or whatever makes you feel better about yourself and how a man came about, we all came from the main source.

    “Muslims” believe the people that were born from Prophet Adam formed the eighth generation of humans. For example Sheikh Saduq narrates a Imam Sadiq (as) in his book Khisal in which the Imam says: “When Allah (GOD, swt) created the earth, he created seven worlds in it (and made each one extinct); none of those worlds [generations] were of Prophet Adam’s generation. Allah created all of them from the earth’s crust and brought them one after another, and created a world for each one after the other, until He created Prophet Adam and ramified his generation from him.

    It’s amazing how 1400 years ago people knew there were other generations and how we just getting to know it now. So holly books and scripture’s are right and can’t deny the scientific facts about them. Specially the Quran where every scientific refrence in it was proven to be 100% correct up to today.

    • Unfortunately we can not and should not respect beliefs because if we do, we can not talk freely about history. In other words, respect would constitute a form of censorship.
      Imagine for a second, if we were to respect the old communists, we could not talk about Stalin’s crimes. If we had to respect Mohammad, we could never talk about the 33 wars that he led.
      If we respect the fascists, we can never talk about Hitler and so on.
      No part of history belongs to any particular group. Mohammad, Moses, Jesus,… and so on do NOT belong to anybody. They are historical people and belong to history. We should respect individuals not belief system. That is why we have the freedom of speech and we can discus communism, fascism, and all religions without censorship.
      If god did exist, he/she would never, ever put his thoughts in any book and send it down to us. The books and profits that are debated to this day!!!!
      If there was a god, he/she would never even have to communicate with us. He would create us such that no communication was necessary.
      Think for a second how absurd it is to think god would send down a messenger with a book to lead us to salvation???????!!!!!!!!
      God would not need to do that and would not care at all about what we do or believe.

      • I respect other peoples right to their opinion. I don’t believe the bible in the literal sense but a group of stories that are that old and are still around holds some weight. I also don’t believe we came from a pool of goop. That is saying something living was made from something not living and to date that has proved impossible. There are just to many holes in that theory. In my opinion currently scientist have 5 pages of a 1000 page novel so I just don’t believe they have the story figured out. But in my research what is apparent to me is there simply has to be some form of intelligent design. The odds of all those things coming together without some form of help is impossible. I do think things can and do evolve but I have room for God too.

      • “If there was a god, he/she would never even have to communicate with us. He would create us such that no communication was necessary.”

        How can you know what God would do and how and what God would create?

        The ego of the human mind often thinks, delusionally, it has figured everything out, how the world should be, how life should be, etc. while it is a simple-minded child of the universe. This would be like a spider trying to tell me how to solve a math problem.

        My sense is that God, the Great Spirit, source, etc. eventually needs to be experienced to be truly believed. When I experienced the eternal love and grace and compassion of God in my presence during meditation, I deeply believed because I experienced it to be Truth.

    • I do not have to respect your beliefs, they are ridiculous, however I respect your right to believe what ever you chose. islam is not science. It is BS, again believe what you want. allah is a moon god. koran is rubbish. This debate is about the origins of homo sapiens and has not a thing to do with your moronic cult beliefs. Why even post that crap here?

  4. The same as there are different varieties of dogs, horses, cattle, cats, etc there were also several varieties of humans. The different varieties of animals vary in aggression and intelligence pit bulls are aggressive, herding dogs and poodles are considered exceptionally smart and excel at agility classes. I am sure the same applied to the different human species otherwise we should have the same physical characteristics and IQ’s which we don’t. Some humans are better athletes, others excel in Quantum Physics. We are different from each other due to the various lines of human species that have bred into our families. We are just animals that exist near or at the top of the intelligence ladder.

  5. First off. God exist. God is all around us in a non material, non physical sense. As for religion. We are and were bred to be slaves. We mined gold for God? No. We mined gold for our creators. A superior race of beings that bred us, led us, and left us. As for the bible, satan was a hero giving intelligence to the slaves, and god was nothing more than a scientist.

  6. Religion has always acted as a distraction to science and has always impeded human progress.
    There is not a single sentence in Koran or bible or … that has not been proven wrong by science.
    People out of desperate needs that stem from material profit or mental weakness try desperately to interoperate holy books to align them with science.
    But just think about it for a second, if god did exist, there would be no chance that he would:

    1) Create so many different religions.
    2) Communicate with us in the most ridiculous way by writing his thoughts in these books for which meanings are debated to this day and send them down by profits that in many cases were murdered?????!!!!!!!
    3) Even cared about what we do or don’t.

    Having to respect other people’s ideas is a form of censorship and is contrary to freedom of speech. We should respect human beings not ideas.

    • You know I actually agree with you. People get so entangled in their religious beliefs that they often don’t see, or look away from facts that they are presented with. We need to be able to look at things objectively as well as subjectively. Mathematics seems to tell us that our entire dimension is finite and it follows patterns. If it was truly infinite than mathematics wouldn’t exist because math is a pattern that occurs the same way every time. That’s how we’re able to mathmaticaly predict the probability of a certain thing happening. inside of this sub infinite dimension we have reasoned that there are 2 “gods.” the first god is responsible for basic matter, no symmetry or design is responsible for it’s shape. Crude. The first god would seem to be the fundamental laws of our dimension. The second god is responsible for matter with mathematical symmetry and beauty ex: nature. Since we, homo sapiens sapiens, are symmetrical and mathematically beautiful we came from the second god. The origin of the second god would seem to be “the tree of organic life” or “mother nature” however you want to look at it. Now that we can see things a little clearer we should also be able to see that our species is polluting mother nature. We’re loosing species at a rate not seen since the last major natural disaster. In other words we are killing our God. This Earth is a biosphere of life forms that are all related genetically if you go back far enough. This is our family tree and it needs to be protected, not destroyed. I hope that I was able to bring a little light to the subject.

      • Its so refreshing to hear the few others that exist that actually comprehend and not just pretend and believe the best opinion almighty under various labels.

    • There is not a single sentence in Koran or bible or … that has not been proven wrong by science

      Jesus wept. Has that been proven wrong by science?

      Science is a religion. Believing in science means you have to do the same as believing in any religion. You have to believe in what another man has said. Period.

  7. You know if you count us then it would be 8 or more but here this there’s no more of Homo sapiens right so then they went extinct so we are the last species in the homo tribe exempt a new race called humans. But our skills are greed power selfish chaos destruction and laziness. But there is two species of humans there skills are love care trust freedom smart and friendship.

  8. God is the ultimate believe it or not. Science it just full of guessings, it is not so sure about anything. The archaeologists are the problems of scientific research. And please those of you who try to compare Mohammed to Jesus, should stop that immediately because there’s a very great gap between the two. There is no perfection on the earth not because there is no God, it’s because you have the freedom to whatever you want to do and enjoy the consequences for it.
    If you do good, you reap good and if you do bad things you reap bad. Let’s take for instance the depletion of the ozone layer by human activities like fumes from home, cars, factories, rockets, Bush burning etc. Until we minimise our deadly activities we will continue to get cancers, not because there’s no God but it’s because we’re are aware of our destruction to the ozone layer buh we still choose to do it. Christianity is the best way to moral life try considering one. Science is just funny. It can’t even explain some common things like evolution. Every time it is guessing ” about”

    • Well if science is wrong you are full well allowed to prove it wrong. So please if you have facts please provide them so we can update our books. Faith is a feeling and not a fact so make sure you don’t use your beliefs to prove what is factual.

      • Not a hundred percent believer, but you say “Faith is a feeling” and feeling comes with one of our 7 senses”Touch”! we see paranormal activities which use our sight sense, this says that holy books are right about other livings among us. we heard about such existence from before us which uses the hearing sense, do we smell or taste this phenomenon so-called God? Yes! I smell it every day and yes I taste it, I taste the joy it brings into my life when I walk as he/she/it asked me to… As I said I’m not a 100% believer but I am walking my path from darkness to its light. Meanwhile, education is amazing too!

  9. Looking at the picture of Homo sapiens, it looks nothing like us. Why have we not evolved or been given a different species name. What characteristic exist to distinguish one species from another in the same genus type. We are bigger, smarter, less hairy, don’t use that thing it is holding, have advanced society much farther than that version did. So why are we still Homo sapiens?

    • Yes I agree. Still considered Homo sapiens mixed with up to 15% Neanderthal, except real Africans 0% Neanderthal. Basque not homo Sapien or Neanderthal different blood altogether?

  10. What is so frustrating are these artist’s renditions. The do this in the Hall of Man at the American Museum of Natural History. When matched with the ACTUAL FOSSILS, any logical person immediately is suspect (I’ve been there enough times to know…plus, you hear the comments)

    If you are going to show the artist’s renditions, then AT LEAST show all the fossilized evidence (or link to it, and not some minuscule picture that cannot be viewed) as well, for every made up picture.

    When you view the actual fossilized evidence, it is plain to see that a LOT more research needs to be done! There is not a lot of evidence for many of these Genus Homo artist’s renditions as we are led to believe. If the science is valid, let it stand on it’s own.

    Take the modern dog. Can you imagine what these artist’s would come up with if they had 20 skulls fragments from different breeds of dogs, i.e. bulldog, doberman, pug, etc?!?!

    Show the evidence…leave the make believe renditions for the movies.
    Unless this is designed to fool people. If so, well, that would be a pity.

  11. Be careful of who you are. When you think of consuming someone’s body in flesh and blood in a religious manner that the is Homo Antecessor gene or trait that brainwashing you.

  12. Funny how those who believe in God always get bashed and belittled for having faith in something that Science can’t prove nor disprove. Then they go straight after the outlier sects of Christianity with their 6000 year old Earth beliefs. Not all Christians believe that the earth is only 6000 years old, only those who live in the head of a holler somewhere that shake snakes around. But when it comes to faith of the science crowd they don’t mention that what they believe to be true are just theories not proof! It isn’t called the “The Proof of Evolution” or the “Big Bang Proof”. At least when I die, if I am wrong oh well. If when they die they are wrong, well that’s one hot mistake! It’s obvious that these species existed, the damn devil didn’t put them in the ground to throw us off. There are uneducated people on both sides. The bible wasn’t meant to be a history book but to teach us how to live. We as Christians have gone about the four corners of the globe and spread his word, I don’t know of any living human that isn’t aware. If they choose not to believe that is their choice. If we choose to believe that is our choice, and that doesn’t affect them. Why is it when science finds things that flies in the face of their theories it gets swept under the rug? Just everyone believe what you want to believe and quit regressing to mud slinging.

  13. I believe in god and science. I believe a lot of what they say about evolution to a point we are still evolving today and some of what is taught in the Bible isn’t correct. Take for instance when Cain killed able he stated paraphrasing when he was kicked out of the garden of eden he stated that what if someone was to kill me and god said he’d forbid that and he took a wife. People said it was his sister when if you follow the lineage it states when Adam and Eve had other children 800 or so years later. So that shows that there were other beings. Think about it there were dinosaurs so why couldn’t there have other types of people. There are different types of monkeys . Adam and Eve were created in God’s image so I think there were a group of people that were his choosen people.

  14. This site provides fascinating scientific facts in a clear, concise way for free to anyone with internet access. It makes no claim that anyone knows exactly what any of these species looked like. They have stated pretty clearly what they do know based on where bones were found and what those bones look like (ie. height, weight, shape). Most of the comments are about God and religion. I find it disappointing that the site is being used as a platform for personal opinions that have absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the site. Anyway, I thank the writers for providing this info for free. I had not realized just how much more is known today than when I was in school just a few decades ago.

  15. This is where I must interject. It’s been interesting reading all the previous ideas. But I havea few issues.
    What kind of a God would have chosen people? That certainly excludes some people. So HE prefers SOME people? So some people haven’t got a chance. And what kind of an insecure God would make a commandment that said “Thou shall have no other God before me”. That certainly sounds like a humas quality. And as for myself, I don’t need a commandment that says, “Thuo shall not kill or lie or any of the other”. I have a spirit that knows right from wrong. So if I had no commandment I would kill? Don’t think so. It’s too easy for Christians to blame bad things they do on Saten. We have the will to do good or not. I was raised in a Christian home, but as I have grown up, I gave up on the Christian doctrines. They talk a lot but I don’t see much action. In my opinion, religion is definitely set up to devide us!

  16. Hi. I’m happy for anyone to have whatever belief they have. I live in the best multicultural, respectful country, Australia. However, I see there are so many similarities across the world of “throwbacks” to early “types” of mankind, from PNG, Africa, Indonesia, Africa, Australia,,,,..,, that to me the view that we originated from cross-diversification of all ‘Men’ what a wonderful origin we had. Love to debate this view, without anger or hostility please.

  17. Good article and useful scientific information. The information is easily understood. I do have doubts about Rudolfensis, not enough evidence yet to support it as a hominid.
    Amazing how much variety there is to the features of current humans (Homo Sapiens).
    Homo sapiens seems to evolve towards physically attractive traits.

    “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind” Albert Einstein

  18. if you do not believe is what this says then don’t read simple as that this article as help me in school and I’m 14 years old. yes I’m only assuming this but I believe you are mostly adults and your arguing over something that can not be changed you all in to grow up and asked your age. All your comments are ridiculous, if you have nothing nice to say why say it at all.

  19. To whom it may concern,

    I have a question for anyone who is privy to the answer or willing to answer to the best of their ability. If we, as Homo Sapiens, are most closely related to Homo Neanderthals, why is the timeline not congruent to this relationship? By this, I mean, Homo Neanderthals were believed to exist around 600,000 to 350,000 years ago while Homo Floresiensis were believed to live 95,000 to 17,000 years ago. If we more closely related to Homo Neanderthals then why did Homo Floresiensis exist more closer to our current time period. For the record, I am not a science person per se. I am in education and was doing research for something and came across this website and became very interested. Thanks so much!


  20. i just have to say is the ice age ended 10,000 years ago at the end hhuman came to europe but Neanderthals were there Neanderthals then go extinct tell the end of the ice age and alot of whites like me myself have this blood so there is proof that Neanderthals did not go extinct till around 10,000 i am 5% Neanderthals

  21. I was raised in a Pentecostal church home. When I was 18 I was freed. I’ll be 66 in a few days. I have done a lot of study on the subject of god and Jesus and I really believe Jesus was the SON OF GOD. The great flood was not the only time God destroyed men from the Earth and started over. They found dinosaur flesh on some bones lately so that shows that the last destruction wasn’t that long ago. We are on our last chance now. When Jesus comes back you had better be ready or tough luck for you.

  22. Dialing back, Someone I think “Terry” said whites have evolved more than Africans. Well I am white and if we (whites) have mixed blood of a (sub human) in us like the neanderthals that means we stepped backwards in evolution. There is no gain in that. Also, whites only became white, 8 thousand years ago in Europe. These new found DNA projects prove the Africans are pure Homo sapiens and are indeed modern man. Very interesting how many showed violent actions towards them in the last 300 years only to prove otherwise. Only to show we are the sub humans, and it is still alive in us.

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