Top 10 Inventions of Mayan Civilization

The ancient Mayan civilization existed in the milieu of present day Mexico and Central America from 2600 BC till the Spanish success in the sixteenth century. Considered a piece of the Mesoamerican human progress, which included various indigenous societies in the district, the Mayans made most prestigious discoveries in sectors of science and cosmology that enabled them to make a profoundly complex date-book. They were exceptionally gifted designers and architects who constructed grand structures including royal residences; galactic observatories; sanctuary pyramids; astoundingly straight lifted streets; and reservoir conduits utilizing water weight innovation. The Mayans additionally built up the main finish-composing framework in Mesoamerica and created elastic a few centuries before vulcanization. Moreover, they made innovations of their own, creations like the immense underground repositories that held new water securely in the midst of the dry season.

Here are the 10 noteworthy achievements of the old Mayans human advancement in different fields including space science, arithmetic, design, building and composition:

10. Astronomy

mayan astronomy

The Mayans discovered careful objective facts of heavenly bodies, recording cosmic information on the developments of the sun, moon, Venus and the stars. In spite of the fact that there were just 365 days in the Haab year, they knew that a year is somewhat longer than 365 days. The Mayans ascertained the length of the year to be 365.2420 days (genuine approx. estimate is 365.2422 days). This is more precise than the estimation of 365.2425 that is utilized as a part of the Gregorian logbook. The Mayans were, along these lines, nearer than our present date-book. Mayans stargazers figured that 81 lunar months endured 2392 days. This gives the length of the lunar month as 29.5308 days, astoundingly near the present day estimation of 29.53059 days. They gauged the 584-day Venus cycle with a slight difference of only two hours. The Mayans likewise took after the developments of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury; and recorded galactic information like obscurations. Mayans cosmic learning was more precise and a long ways in front of Europe.

9. Ball Courts

Ball Courts mayan inventions

The Mayans cherished their games, having a great time court in each city, like stadiums that we have today. The recreations were of extraordinary significance to the Maya, frequently playing amid religious celebrations of 20 days. The courts were situated at the foot of sanctuaries, to pay tribute to the Gods and Goddesses. The courts had expansive playing regions; each with a stone loop mounted on the divider toward one side.

The Mayans relished playing an unpleasant game called pok-a-tok, hotchpotch by which the point of the amusement was to take care of business a strong elastic ball through the loop, utilizing just your hips, shoulders or arms. The victors regularly won belonging of the losing group. Be that as it may, the losing groups, regularly played by hostages were relinquished for the sake of the Mayan Gods.

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8. Chocolate drinks


The Mayans contrived chocolate drinks from smashed cacao beans that were so significant that they were utilized as cash. It was the antiquated Mayans (250-900 C.E.) who were the first to find how delectable cacao beans were when aged, simmered, ground into glue, at that point blended with different fixings. The Mayans additionally utilized bean stew peppers and cornmeal to make a fiery chocolate drink. Sugar was obscure in antiquated circumstances. Express gratitude toward God in light of the fact that nor was present day dental care or other sugar related sicknesses like diabetes or ADHD.

Chocolate simply has that ever-interminable interest to people from Mayans to most Western Cultures today. Promptly, the people with sweet tooth know whom to thank.

7. Hallucinogenic Drugs

The Mayans celebrated and had great pride in their customs and traditions. Every occasion was feted in a grand way, and personnel with special requirements were allowed to perform for the gods and public known as Shamans.

Mayan shamans took stimulating substances to initiate daze like states amid exhibitions and customs in which they endeavored contact with the spiritual world. These substances affected the body in such a way that pain was not felt and energy was always pumped up. A number of these substances were additionally and currently are used as pain relief.

6. Law and Order

law and order in mayan civilizations

In the Mayans Empire, laws were similar and fair in every state. Almost everybody was liable to similar laws, even the lesser nobles. In the event that you violated a law, an authority would hear your case. Should you be discovered blameworthy, you were rebuffed. Disciplines fluctuated with the wrongdoing. In the event that you were discovered guilty of taking from somebody, you turned into a hostage of your casualty.

Murder was uncommon in light of the fact that the discipline was so extreme. On the off chance that discovered guilty of murder, murders could be executed or endure an indistinguishable destiny from their casualty. Be that as it may, the group of the casualty had the alternative of an honor in merchandise or land. They could even be granted a family compound, finish with merchandise, steers, and fields, and leave a whole family with no place to live as the consequence of a discovered blameworthy decision against one individual from that whole family.

5. Mathematics

Mathematics in Mayan civilization

The Mayans had an extremely proficient numeral framework with which they could speak to expansive numbers. It had only three images: zero (shell shape), one (a dab) and five (a bar). They utilized these three images to speak to numbers from 0 to 19 and numbers after 19 were composed vertically in forces of 20, utilizing place esteems. The Mayans, therefore, utilized a base 20 or vigesimal number framework. The utilization of place esteems and zero made this framework much the same as the one we utilize today. With their framework being vigesimal, the second position had esteem 20 times that of the numeral, the third position had 202 or 400 times the esteem et cetera. The Mayans likewise utilized shorthand to express extensive numbers like, where the numbers 2,4,1,9 and 9 speaking to coefficients before forces of 20.

Likewise fascinating is that the Mayans autonomously built up an idea of zero in their numbering framework by 36 BC. While not for the most part considered a human progress known for their science, they did, in any case, have a propelled handle of it. A large number of their dates and estimations are shockingly particular.

4. Mayan Art

mayan civilization arts

While not entirely an innovation in essence, Mayan art is broadly considered the absolute delightful art in the world. The Mayans grew exceedingly modern works of art. They made craftsmanship in an assortment of materials, including wood, jade, obsidian, earthenware production, etched stone landmarks, stucco and finely painted wall paintings. Woodcutting is accepted to have been normal however just a couple of curios survive. Stone sculptures are far reaching at Mayans locales. The most celebrated among them, from Copan and Quirigua, are remarkable for their complexity of detail. The urban areas of Palenque and Yaxchilan are well known for their enhancing lintels including the eminent Yaxchilan Lintel 24.

A few Mayans stairways have been enlivened with an incredible assortment of scenes, as at Tonina. Zoomorphs are extensive rocks etched to take after living animals. Mayans Zoomorphs are very confounded help ornamentation, particularly those at Quirigua. The Mayans had a long convention of wall painting, dating to in the vicinity of 300 and 200 BC. Among the best-safeguarded Mayans wall paintings is a full-estimate arrangement of artistic creations at Bonampak. The Mayans likewise made a tiptop chipped curio known as flighty rock, which is actually extremely difficult to deliver.

3. Mayan Calendar

Mayan calendar

The eminent Mayans datebook depended on the framework basic in Mesoamerican societies. However, it was the Mayans who built up the timetable to its most extreme modernity. The Mayans date-book utilizes 3 distinctive dating frameworks: the Tzolkin (divine timetable), the Haab (common date-book) and the Long Count. Tzolkin joins a cycle of 20 named days with another cycle of 13 numbers, to deliver 260 interesting days. There are a few hypotheses for the 260 day tally of Tzolkin including it being founded on the human growth time frame; the agrarian cycle of the district; and the places of the planet Venus. The Haab was the sun-based date-book with 365 days. It comprised of a year and a half of 20 days in each month, trailed by 5 additional days, which were viewed as unfortunate and known as Wayeb.

The Long Count was a non-rehashing schedule speaking to the number of days since the start of the Mayans period. The privilege most position tallies single days, the following position is a square of 20; the following is a piece of 18 to make the timetable match the estimated 360 days length of a year; the rest of the positions take after their vigesimal number framework.

2. Mayan Writing System

mayan wiriting system

Among the ancient Americans, the Mayans invented the most advanced form of writing, known as glyphs. Glyphs are used to describe or represent a word, sound or even a syllable through pictures or symbols. History suggests that the Mayans used around 700 different glyphs, and astonishingly 80% of the language is understood still today.

The Mayans were highly aware of their history and achievements, and so they wrote about them on pillars, walls, and big stone slabs all the time. They also wrote books about almost everything; like gods, daily life, new leaders and more. These books were made of bark and folded like a fan. Unfortunately, many of the books were destroyed as they were assumed to have depicted the devil and demons by the Spanish. Luckily, a few survived!

The written work arrangement of the Mayans human progress, known as the Mayans script, is accepted to be the main finish composing framework in Mesoamerica, i.e. they could compose all that they could state. As per current information, the most punctual engravings discovered were identifiably Mayans dated to third century BCE. This would make the Mayans the creators of writing in Mesoamerica. This would likewise make the Mayans one of three known civic establishments where composing grew autonomously, the others being China and Mesopotamia.

1. Rubber

rubber ball mayan cvilization invetion

All in all, what did the sports enthusiasts Mayans use for a ball? While confirming the skulls of relinquished players were here and there utilized, experts have found that the Ancient Mayans knew how to make diverse evaluations of elastic some time before Charles Goodyear, the tire mammoth, “settled” the material in the mid-nineteenth century. Alongside other Mesoamerican societies, the Mayans made elastic from normal latex and blended in other plant substances to make elastic items with various properties, including bouncy balls.

The Mayans had strange yet effective for agribusiness. These included slice and-consume system of moving development; raised fields, terracing, concentrated cultivating, timberland plants and oversaw fallows. The fundamental staples of the Mayans count calories were maize, beans, and squashes. Different harvests developed incorporate amaranth, bean stew peppers, sweet potatoes, manioc, tobacco and chaya, cotton, cacao, and vanilla. The Mayans took the latex from elastic trees and blended it with juice from morning transcendence vines to deliver elastic. Soonest utilization of elastic in Mesoamerica has been dated to 1600 BCE, a few centuries before vulcanization was produced in the nineteenth century. The Maya, similar to a few other Mesoamerican societies, utilized bouncy elastic balls to play the well-known Mesoamerican Ballgame.

Final Conclusion:

In the advanced age, the Mayans still homestead similar terrains and venture to every part of an indistinguishable stream from their predecessors did from the north in the Yucatan down to Honduras. The claim that the Mayans by one means or another vanished, just on the grounds that their urban areas were discovered surrendered, is wrong as well as offending to the more than six million Mayans who bear on the customs of their precursors. In spite of the fact that the locale was Christianized in the sixteenth century CE triumph and probe, the old ways are as yet seen in a mixture of European Catholicism and Mayan enchantment. An extraordinary arrangement has been found out about the Mayans since the days of investigation and reported the collapse, however, for the Mayans living today, nothing of significance has ever been overlooked and the cycle of life proceeds on.

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