Top 8 Ancient Greek Painters

Ancient Greece was one of the richest empire in Art in the ancient world. Their style and architect, was derived by other giant empire like Roman of that era. Sculpture and Architecture were widely popular back then. In Addition, Painting was widely practiced in Ancient Rome. The Greek painter inspired thousands of artists throughout the generation. Here is the list of 8 ancient Greek painters, which techniques and style were adopted throughout the generation.

8. Thales (painter)

Often a place on a level with Pheidias and Apelles, Thales was an ancient Greek painter, who is mentioned severally by Diogenes Laertius.

7. Androcydes :

Andrycydes was the Greek painters, whose painting “Battle of Plataea” created a huge controversy among Politicians in late 370s BC. He lived in 4th century BC.  Plutarch, a Greek historian remarked – Androcydes was given a commission by City of Thebes to paint the Battle scene on the site. Battle of Plataea was the only painting of the cavalry battle known to predate that of Euphranor. He painted the fish around the central figure of Scylla in one of his work due to his connoisseur’s passion for seafood

6. Apollodorus

Apollodorus was the inventor of “Skiagraphia”- a systematic technique use to produce a shadow. He used the crosshatching and the thickening of inner contour lines and admixture of light and dark tones to develop Shiagrophia techniques.  Appolodorus techniques had epigone lot of artist throughout the generation. His techniques had continued to be produced from ancient Greece to Gothics times. It had been widely practiced in Italian Renaissance in 14th- century.

5. Artemon

Artemon was a diversified Greek painter, assumed to live around 300 BC. Roman philosopher, Pliny first recorded the work of Artemon. His stunning paintings of Queen Stratonice, Hercules and Deianira not only epitome Greece, but also influence the Ancient Rome. His paintings of Hercules was carried out to the Rome and placed in the Octavian Portico. Hercules was mostly known for his strength and received acknowledge amongst God.

4. Echion (painter)

The person behind the painting of the marriage of Alexander and Romaxana, Echion was the first Greek painter, whose work was exhibited at the Ancient Greek Olympic Games.  His paintings impressed Proxenidas, one of the judges in the Olympic Games that gave his daughter in marriage to Echion. He had  a unique style of mixing and laying the colors.

3. Heraclides

Heraclides was the fervent painter of Macedonian. He distinguished himself by painting the marine of sea and ship. He was the pioneer of the marine art. His style got unique presence like encaustic

2. Pamphilus (painter)

Pamphilusn was auspicious painters that led to the birth of other famous ancient Greece painters. He was the founder of the Sicyonian school of painting where the greatest artist like Melanthius, Pausias and Apelles were taught.

1. Parrhasius (painter)

Parrhasius  was One of the highly ranked painters of the ancient world, whose worked – drawing on wood and parchment were preserved by the painters of a later generation to acquire knowledge and study his skillful artwork.

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Final conclusion: Greek painters had inspired thousands of other artist throughout the generation. Their techniques and style were adopted by various artists throughout the generation. Their works was applaud by many historians.

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