Hannibal Barca

Top 10 Facts About Hannibal Barca

Hannibal was born in 247 B.C, in North Africa. He was one of the greatest military generals of the ancient time whom led the Carthaginian army. He was widely known for his strategy of out-thinking and surrounding the enemy with a combined force of infantry and cavalry. Rome and Carthaginian were enemies for a long time. The first conflict between … Read more >>

children clothes ancient greece

Top 10 famous clothes in ancient Greece

Through the different civilizations that existed in the human history, each age and era had certain social aspects that made them stand apart from each other. One of such aspects, and a far important one, is the popular clothes and dress of the people used to wear in each respective culture that lived within those civilizations. And when it comes to … Read more >>

poultry products in egypt

Top 10 Most Popular Ancient Egyptian Food

The ancient world of Egypt was known for it’s prodigious culture, the ever standing pyramids and the sphinx, the Pharaohs and the once a majestic civilization that resided by the banks of the river Nile. And when it comes to the what culinary habits of the people in ancient Egypt, it is doubtless that they ate much better than people … Read more >>

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Top 10 Most Worshipped Ancient Egyptian Gods

Civilization in Egypt holds many facts which are hidden within themselves and are never revealed. The great land along the banks of Nile has been extraordinarily mentioned in the modern as well as the ancient history. Around 3100BC, after the political unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, Pharaoh was the supreme for the rituals which were carried out. Egyptian deities … Read more >>

animal sacrifice in ancient rome

Top 10 Religion Practices in the Ancient Rome

Roman religion was followed from municipal to the individual family. Festival and Ritual were commonly practice and were taken as the occasion of great merriment. Roman had the religion of their own. The general celebration of different festivals were on the farms of the ancient Rome, which is also known as the Farmers year. Every Roman house contains the sacred file, … Read more >>

Hippocrates Greek physician

Top 10 Most Important People in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has been one of the greatest civilization to have ever flourished ever since the advent of humans. It had an enormous impact on the subsequent cultures that arose following the fall of the ancient Greeks. When we are talking about the rich history of ancient Greece, it can never be complete without bringing in some of the most … Read more >>

Famous people in ancient Rome

Top 10 Famous People in Ancient Rome

There was a time, when the Roman Empire boasted the most extensive political and social structure in the history of  ancient western civilization. At the peak of its empire in the first and second centuries AD, ancient Rome covered 6.5 million square kilometers of land. The number of inhabitants estimated around 50 to 90 million. Among these inhabitants, time and … Read more >>

julius caesar assassination

Top 10 Important Events in The History of Ancient Rome (Before A.D)

Rome was founded in 753 BCE by Romulus and Remus located along the Mediterranean Sea.  Rome expanded vastly and became the largest empire of the ancient era with the population of 50 to 80 million population. Rome started as an Iron Age hunt village in the mid of 8th country BC. It had expanded into 6.5 million square kilometers, civilization shifted … Read more >>

Mummification paintinngs ancient Egypt

Top 10 Outstanding Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Known as one of the oldest and richest civilization to have ever existed on planet earth, the now popular artifacts of the Egyptian civilization has so far stood the test of time. From the sky-scraping pyramid to the monumental Sphinx that sits guard to the tombs of pharaohs, we usually tend to forget another subtle but important part the then … Read more >>