Battle of Platea (479 BC) between Greek and Persian

Top 14 Decisive Ancient Battles in the History

War was fought for several reasons throughout history. Blood was spattered, kingdoms were destroyed, and people were slaughtered. Some battles played a significant role in history and are memorable. Some battles created new legends that were appreciated for many generations. Some of the efficient military tactics that originated on the ancient battlefields are still followed today. Ancient military commanders like … Read more >>

Venus of Hohle Fels oldest art

Top 10 oldest Art ever discovered

Art has been a part of expression since the evolution of the mankind. The discovery of pre-historic sculptures, cave art suggest that different form of arts were practiced throughout the evolution of mankind. Even though the way of expressing ideas through art was different at that time, it can be predicted that the way of expressing, inner emotion through different … Read more >>

Parrhasius ancient Greek painter

8 ancient greek painters

Ancient Greece was one of the richest empire in Art in the ancient world. Their style and architect, was derived by other giant empire like Roman of that era. Sculpture and Architecture were widely popular back then. In Addition, Painting was widely practiced in Ancient Rome. The Greek painter inspired thousands of artists throughout the generation. Here is the list … Read more >>

painting in city of pomeii ancient roman paintings

7 Ancient Roman Painters

Painting has always become the way of representing or showcasing different human emotions. The large discovery of the ancient paintings in cave, ancient royal palace, temple by archaeologist suggest that different form of art was quite popular since thousands of years ago . The discovery of the ancient art treasure like “Venus of Berekhat Ram” which was claimed to be … Read more >>

Chandragupta Maurya

Top 12 Greatest Ancient Military Commanders

“The warrior doesn’t win the war by virtue along”.  Ancient military commander leads thousands of their men in the vicious battle and triumphed over their enemy. Their flourishes speech prior to the battle, inspired thousands of their men in the battlefield, which is still invoked by various historians. Ancient Warfare were completely different than modern warfare. Numbers of armies and their … Read more >>

Battle of Lake Trasimene (217 BC)

Top 10 biggest events of 2nd Punic war

Ancient Rome and Carthage had a long history of conflicts that lasted for more than a century. All this tension culminated in a series of three wars fought between the two states from 264 BC to 146 BC. These wars were called the Punic wars. The second Punic war was fought from 218 BC to 201 BC and is most … Read more >>

Cartography ancient greece

Top 10 inventions and discoveries of ancient Greece that are remarkably used today

The ancient Greece has a number of inventions and discoveries attributed to them. Even though, the fact remains, most of their discoveries were corrected in subsequent generations. Their findings in the area of astronomy, geography and mathematics, pioneered the age of science. The Greek interest in scientific specification of physical world can be seen as further back in the history … Read more >>

Justinian Roman Emperor

Top 10 greatest emperors of Ancient Rome

The Roman emperors were the designated ruler of Roman empire which started after the end of Roman republic: the period of ancient roman civilization that began with the end of roman kingdom. The legitimacy of an emperor’s rule was dependent upon his control of the army and the recognition by the Senate; an emperor would normally be proclaimed by his … Read more >>

Homo Heidelbergensis

7 Homo species close to present human that existed on the Earth.

The Earth has a 4.6 billion year history. However, Archaic Homo Sapiens (Modern Humans) evolved between 400,000 and 250,000 years ago. Humans evolved from the family Hominid (great apes), that existed on earth around 20 million years ago. Unlike today, there were different human species that existed on earth. However, the characteristics of these human species are different. Not all … Read more >>

The Incas Civilization

10 oldest Ancient civilizations ever existed

In the course of human evolution, at a certain point in time, the idea of living in a group with mutual understanding and dependency became a very useful and practical lifestyle. From such small isolated groups, communities were formed. Then came the societies which in due time became a civilization. How the human mentality and psychology led to this huge … Read more >>