Mesopotamian gods and goddesses

Top 10 Ancient Mesopotamian Gods

The people of Mesopotamia were highly religious, and Mesopotamian scribes recorded more than a hundred gods and goddesses. The pantheon of gods in Mesopotamia was an extension of their culture and spiritual beliefs. Though the names of the gods differed among different Mesopotamian civilizations, their roles were the same. As time went on, the gods changed and developed. For example, … Read more >>

Famous Chinese People

Top 10 Most Famous People in Ancient China (Other Than Emperors)

For years, China has attracted many travelers and explorers keen to soak up its cultural atmosphere, but it has also attracted foreign rulers who came to conquer and take advantage of its rich natural resources. Ancient China has always been an intriguing topic, so here are the top 12 most popular Chinese figures of all time. Two of them are … Read more >>

Top 10 Greatest Emperors of Ancient China

China is rich in civilization, which goes back over 4,000 years. The People’s Republic of China has the largest population in the world and a deep history of pioneering inventions, giving the world many widely used materials such as paper and silk. According to the historical text, the Records of the Grand Historian or the Shiji, ancient Chinese civilization began … Read more >>

Septimius Severus

Top 12 Worst Ancient Roman Emperors

The Roman Empire has seen a long history with many ups and downs, and witnessed a large number of social, economic, and financial changes during its development. The Roman Republic survived for more than 500 years before the Roman Empire began when Augustus Caesar announced himself the first Roman emperor in 27 BC. It ended with the fall of Constantinople … Read more >>

Commodus infamous Roman emperor

Top 12 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Roman Emperors

“The Holy Roman Empire is neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire” – Voltaire The Roman Empire once covered large parts of Europe and Asia, but now it has vanished. It did not disappear suddenly, but slowly over time due to corruption and a series of skirmishes and rebellions. The Roman Empire was admired and venerated worldwide, and many of … Read more >>

Gaius Julius Caesar

Top 12 Greatest Generals in Ancient Rome

One of the greatest empires in the history of human civilization, the ancient Roman Empire, was born from the Roman Republic which began in 509 BC. Emperor Augustus (son of Julius Caesar) created the Roman Empire in 27 BC, and it reached its height in 117 AD. At its peak, the Roman Empire consisted of parts of Europe, North Africa, … Read more >>

Lorica Segmentata Roman body armor

Top 9 Most Important Weapons of the Roman Legionary

The Roman military was instrumental in making the Roman Empire great. In many ways, it was the reason that a small city on the Italian landmass gained control over the greater part of the Western world, from the British Isles to the Near East, from the Rhine to North Africa. In the early days of the Roman Republic, the military … Read more >>

Roman Engineering Colosseum

Top 10 Amazing Facts about Roman Architecture

1. Roman Engineering Roman engineering was of the utmost importance in the development of the complex buildings which dominated the Roman era. The many arches and vaults involved in their buildings required a specific type of cement, and the improvement of the general infrastructure (streets, water systems, heating, and so on) involved great feats of engineering. 2. Roman Architectural Innovations … Read more >>

Caesar’s Civil War

Top 12 of Rome’s Greatest Battles

Nothing could be truer than the famous saying, “Rome was not built in a day.” While Rome is well known for its lavish and indulgent way of life, many wars were fought along the way to ensure the survival of the republic and the empire. Wars often led to changes in leadership which in turn allowed for the development of … Read more >>