Top 12 Contributions of Hippocrates

“Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease” – Hippocrates Very little was known about disease in ancient Greek times until Hippocrates began to make great strides in the field of medicine. Many modern cures can be traced back to Hippocrates, and for this reason, he is known as “the father of medicine.” At that time, it was … Read more >>


Top 12 Contributions of Archimedes

Eureka! As soon as you hear the name Archimedes, the first thing that comes to mind is either mathematics or science. A well-known researcher and scientist, Archimedes proposed various laws and theories in the fields of motion, geometry, liquid motion, and more. “Eureka!” was the word he shouted when he made a new discovery, some of which are listed below: … Read more >>


Top 12 Popular and Fascinating Ancient Greece Myths

Ancient Greece is a land of culture and mythology. It is considered to be the birthplace of Western culture and has brought forth huge advancements in art, science, and philosophy, but it also has a rich tapestry of myth as part of its narrative. If we wish to understand the mystery of Greece, we have to appreciate the beauty of … Read more >>

Laocoon and His Sons Statue

Top 12 Ancient Greek Sculptures

Yassou! Ancient Greek civilization is divided into four major parts: the Archaic period, the Classical period, the Golden Age of Athens, and the last Classical period. Of these four periods, the Classical period was the period in which Greek sculpture was at its height. Advanced mathematics was also applied to these sculptures to enhance their beauty. The top 12 ancient … Read more >>

Ancient Greece Olympics

Top 12 Surprising and Fascinating Facts about Ancient Greece

The ancient Greek period lasted for about a thousand years and ended with the advent of Christianity. It is considered by certain historians to be the first Western civilization. Greek culture had an amazing impact on the Roman Empire, which allowed it to be adapted and brought to the rest of Europe. The ancient Greeks had a huge influence on … Read more >>

Sun Tzu Status

Top 10 Contributions of Sun Tzu

When life gives you lemons, should you make lemonade? Interesting question. All through life, we face many situations which we wish we had a guide book for. And that’s where Sun Tzu comes into the picture. But who is he, you might ask? Sun Tzu was a Chinese general, military strategist, author, and thinker who lived during the Eastern Zhou … Read more >>

Confucius Father of Confucianism

Top 10 Contributions of Confucius

Our civilizations have been built on the hard work of our ancestors, and the heritage we cherish is the result of years of learning and knowledge. Countless battles have been fought and numerous expeditions have taken place to explore the planet and create a better world for future generations. History does not do justice to the efforts of our predecessors, … Read more >>


Top 10 Interesting and Fascinating Myths in Ancient China

As well as being the most densely populated country in the world, China has one of the richest histories and cultures. China’s history can be divided into prehistoric, ancient and imperial China and each subsequent dynasty provides us with an insight into how this mighty country has developed over the years. The country’s myths and legends are a rich vein … Read more >>

Ptolemaic Empire

Top 10 Most Important Events in Ancient Egypt

The history of ancient Egypt dates back to 3100 BC when nomads arrived and created the first settlements in the northern region of the Nile valley. It is believed the civilization lasted for about 3,000 years during which several invasions took place. These invasions resulted in a blend of cultures and traditions, one of the most famous being the victory … Read more >>

Book of the dead

Top 10 Most Iconic Pieces of Art in Ancient Egypt

The job of the craftsman is to catch a fleeting moment in time and preserve it in history, and while a piece of art is undoubtedly of its time, it should also transcend it and be able to speak to us across the generations. One of the greatest examples of this is the craftsmanship and art of ancient Egypt. Egypt … Read more >>