Spiculus roman gladiator

Top 10 Famous Ancient Roman Gladiators

The ancient Romans were not as into philosophy and teaching as the Greeks, but they absolutely loved finding new forms of entertainment to spice up their otherwise mundane lives. Today, even the thought of gladiators beating each other to death in a huge arena full of enthusiastic onlookers would create unprecedented outrage, but to the ancient Romans this was a … Read more >>

Ancient Egypt Facts

Top 10 Surprising Facts about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced civilizations for almost 3,000 years. It started out as small settlements on the banks of the Nile and grew into larger kingdoms. These kingdoms were then united into the kingdom of ancient Egypt around 3100 BC. From then on began the tale of a civilization whose architecture and artifacts remain remarkably well … Read more >>

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Top 10 Amazing Facts about Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome is one of the biggest cradles of civilization in human history. Rome started off as a small town on the banks of the Tiber in central Italy at the beginning of the eighth century BC. After countless wars and military campaigns, it soon encompassed the whole of continental Europe around the Mediterranean basin, all of Britain, and a … Read more >>

chichen pox in ancient world

Top 10 Epidemic Diseases That Were Common in the Ancient World

People in ancient times weren’t the best when it came to maintaining a sanitary and clean living environment. With the lack of sanitation came infection and some infections inevitably led to diseases. Thus began the long, shared history between human civilization and illness. Surprisingly, our ancient ancestors were actually exposed to far fewer infections and diseases than us. But around … Read more >>

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Top 10 Ancient Roman Foods and Drinks

Ancient Rome was one of the largest empires of its time, primarily based around the Mediterranean. Naturally, many of the eating and drinking habits of the ancient Romans were influenced by popular foodstuffs grown in the Mediterranean region, primarily wheat. Romans typically had three meals a day: jentaculum was their breakfast, prandium was the name for lunch and cena or … Read more >>

Reasons for WW1

Top 10 Causes of World War 1

On June 1914, a Serbian nationalist named Gavrilo Princip assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand in the small Balkan city of Sarajevo. Europe had already witnessed a number of high-profile assassinations in the preceding years, assassinations that shocked everyone, but none of which led to a major crisis like this one. This was the incident that sent ripples all across Europe and … Read more >>

Altar of Augustan Peace (Ara Pacis Augustae)

Top 10 Outstanding Pieces of Ancient Roman Art

It is well known that ancient Rome was one of the biggest empires in human history. For this reason, the topic of ancient Roman art is broad, since it includes traditional art practiced for over 1,000 years across the vast regions of Africa, Asia, and Europe. The earliest recognizable pieces of ancient Roman art date back to before 500 BC. … Read more >>

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Top 10 Ancient Roman Inventions

Throughout history, inventions have defined civilizations and changed the way we live our lives. The ancient world was full of possibilities when it came to making life easier since there was so much to invent and discover. Ancient Rome is undoubtedly one of the most well-known civilizations for inventions that changed the course of human development. However, in many cases, … Read more >>

Ancient Greek Goddesses

Top 10 Ancient Greek Goddesses

Most of us are well aware of the heroics of the ancient Greek gods. But the goddesses from ancient Greek mythology are no less important in terms of popularity and symbolic significance. Just like the Olympian gods, most of the ancient Greek goddesses resided in the realms of the heavens above Mount Olympus (though there were quite a few exceptions … Read more >>

Zeus Ancient Greek Gods

Top 10 Ancient Greek Gods

The stories of the gods and goddesses from ancient Greek mythology are hugely popular. Their characters have been popularized and subsequently immortalized by famous ancient Greek playwrights such as Homer and Hesiod. What makes the folklore behind these ancient Greek deities stand out is the way their stories have deviated from those of other contemporary ancient religions. The Greek gods … Read more >>