The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt

Top 10 Most Iconic Pieces of Architecture in Ancient Egypt

When we talk about the world’s greatest and longest cultures, it is natural to think of Egypt. Situated in the north east of Africa and the south west corner of Asia, Egypt has been part of the world’s longest running historical period dating back from the sixth to the fourth millennia BCE. Archaeologists have found evidence from various Egyptian sites … Read more >>

ancient egypt cosmetic

Top 10 Inventions and Discoveries of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptian civilization can be traced back to approximately 3000 BC and it lasted until 30 BC when it became part of the Roman Empire. Its long duration shows that the civilization was provided with all necessities, such as a good natural environment including water, fish, fertile soil and plants, but also with rich architecture as seen in the … Read more >>

Ancient Egypt Facts

Top 10 Surprising Facts about Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the most advanced civilizations for almost 3,000 years. It started out as small settlements on the banks of the Nile and grew into larger kingdoms. These kingdoms were then united into the kingdom of ancient Egypt around 3100 BC. From then on began the tale of a civilization whose architecture and artifacts remain remarkably well … Read more >>

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Top 10 Most Popular Ancient Egyptian Foods

Ancient Egypt was known for its prodigious culture, the pyramids, the sphinx, and the pharaohs of this once-majestic civilization on the banks of the Nile. And when it comes to the culinary habits of the people of ancient Egypt, it is clear that they ate much better than people of any other ancient civilization in the world, particularly contemporary civilizations. … Read more >>

Ancient Egyptian Gods

Top 10 Most Worshiped Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient civilization in Egypt contains many facts, some of which still remain a secret, and this great land along the banks of the Nile has featured in both modern and ancient history. Around 3100 BC, after the political unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, the pharaoh was the supreme leader when it came to rituals and religion. Egyptian deities were … Read more >>

Mummification paintinngs ancient Egypt

Top 10 Outstanding Ancient Egyptian Paintings

Known as one of the oldest and richest civilizations to have ever existed, the Egyptian civilization has so far stood the test of time. With its sky-scraping pyramids and monumental Sphinx that stands guard at the tombs of the pharaohs, we tend to forget another subtle but important part of ancient Egyptian culture that exists alongside the pyramids and the … Read more >>