Ancient Mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia in a NutshellContentsAncient Mesopotamia in a NutshellPre- history and its originNeolithic (New Stone Age) – 10,000 B.C.EHalaf culture – 6100 and 5100 B.C.EHalaf-Ubaid Transitional periodUbaid period – 6500 and 3800 B.C.ETimelineGeographyGovernment of MesopotamiaAncient Summer GovernmentAncient Babylonia GovernmentAncient Assyria GovernmentWriting and Language of MesopotamiaDaily Life in MesopotamiaReligionEconomy and SocietyPriests:Kings:Government Official, professional soldiers, scribes and Wealthy Merchant:Farmers and Artisans:Slaves and Criminals:Cities and People of MesopotamiaSumerians:Uruk – Ancient City of SumerAkkadians (2180-2340 BC)BabylonAssyrianArt and CultureScience, technology, and Inventions Civilization Name: Mesopotamia Period: 3500 BC -500 BC Originated Location: northeast by the Zagros Mountains, southeast by the Arabian Plateau Current Location: Iran, Syria, and Turkey Meaning: land between rivers [Ancient Greek] Major Highlights: First civilization in the world Mesopotamian was the world’s earliest civilization between the land of … Continue reading Ancient Mesopotamia