Ancienthistorylists was started as a website to share the ancient history information in interesting top 10 list. The website has received numerous accolade from the readers.  I have received hundreds of emails from the students, teachers, professors, and ancient history enthusiast around the world.

Today, Ancienthistorylists.com has more than 200,000 page views a month. More than 10,000 people have subscribed to the email lists. Some of the articles were featured in the other popular ancient history magazines and student’s resources center. I am extremely humble for all your supports.

About Me:


I am Saugat Adhikari from Kathmandu Nepal. I don’t have a degree in History. However, I have been always passionate about Ancient History. This blog is the result of my effort to share ancient history information in an interesting way. I believe that history is an interesting subject and can be taught in an interesting way.

If you have any interesting list that you want to share in this blog, please write me an email with a subject line “Articles for AHL” at [email protected]

I have been working on this website alone. If you see any grammatical error or awkward sentences, please email me.  Your feedback will help me to continue.

If you want to know more about me here is the 10 facts about me:

  • I love to travel and see the world. I love to know about the city, its history, and architecture.
  • My favourite person in the Ancient History is “Hannibal Barca”
  • My favourite ancient civilizations are “Ancient Rome” and Ancient China”
  • I have co-founded a travel company that is based in Kathmandu Nepal. It is my full-time Job.
  • I am 26 years old.
  • My favourite event in the ancient history is the “assassination of Julius Ceaser”.
  • I am a nerd. I love to know the details about everything.
  • I love to talk with random people from different country.
  • I want to go to Pakistan and visit “Indus valley civilization”.
  • I love surprises. I don’t like to plan my life.
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  1. This is my name.

    Sup. How ya doin’? Just saying – I have a BIG project, involving a timeline and 3 ancient civilizations, and need to write down 4 major events for each civilization, with a theme that my class needs to do – and I chose sports. One of the civilizations I chose to work on is Ancient Greece, and the olympics that you’ve wrote about in the top 10 list helped me a lot – note that I’m 13.


    i am really glad to see your blog….. me also a fan of ancient history , mainly i like to know about the civilisation and i like to be in there in that ancient time…… i am waiting 4 your reply
    good noon

    • Saugat Adhikari

      Hi Rintu,

      Glad to know you are interested in the different civilizations. Well, I wish I could use a time machine and go back to the ancient world. It is a fantasy. Thanks for dropping by. Have a good day.


  3. Sujan Khadka

    Great site.. i too am interested in the human civilization, history and advent of modern humans without having a degree in history or anthropology. Stumbled upon your site and was amazed to see it was being run by our very own 🙂
    Hope to see you in Youtube very soon.
    All the best.
    Happy Dashain 2073.

    • Saugat Adhikari

      Hi Sujan,

      Nice to see your comment. Glad to know that you are interested in human civilization, history, and modern humans. I don’t have any plan for Youtube now. Perhaps in future.

      Cheers Saugat

  4. Prakash

    one of the best knowledgeable blog

    Thank you Saugat

    • Saugat Adhikari

      Glad you like it, Prakash.

      Cheers Saugat

  5. raghib ahmed

    Very informative blog Sougat.I had been searching this information at one place and you have done it.But are you sure meso civilization is the oldest.If so what is the base of it? plz clarify.Thanks.

  6. Billybobjoe

    When was Top 10 most worshipped Ancient Egyptian Gods made

  7. Sheri Yost-Cotterman

    Hello Sougat,

    My grandson and I are working on a timeline of Ancient Rome for his assignment. We live in Fort Wayne, IN in the United States.

    Jake says he doesn’t like to plan his life either. I, his grandmother want to travel now that I am retired. If you would like to visit our city we would love to meet you.

    Jake Yost & Sheri Yost-Cotterman

    • Saugat Adhikari

      Hi Jake.

      If I come to States in your city. I will definitely let you know. Great to know that you are working on the timeline of Ancient Rome. Hope you found the website useful.


  8. Brian Braden

    As an author who specializes in ancient civilizations, I do a LOT of research. I just stumbled across this website and love it. Keep up the great work.

    • Saugat Adhikari

      Glad to know that you like the website. Thanks, Brian.

      • anthony

        when was this website published

        • Saugat Adhikari

          Hi Anthony.
          It was started in 2015.
          Cheers Saugat

  9. Avi

    Hey Mr.Adhikari,
    I am Avi Nakka, a 6th grader from California. Was looking around for an amazing ancient invention that is still impacting our current modern world.
    Loved your blog. Any suggestions and references please ??


    • Saugat Adhikari

      Hi Avi. Please check out the greek, roman and Chinese inventions. it has the tremendous effect in the modern world.

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